About Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage by Olga  

Licensed Massage Therapist in St Petersburg/Gulfport Florida, Therapeutic  Massage, Relieving back and foot pain, Specializing in calf, foot and back massage (our therapeutic specialty), Japanese Shiatsu Massage, acupressure.  Helps circulation, reduces pain,  relieves stress, promotes sleep at the Longhouse in Gulfport, similar to  a massage spa environment. 

What is Shiatsu Massage? 

    There are forms of  pressure point massage in Japan, Korea, Tibet, Southern India,  Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.  In most of these  countries, acupressure is practiced between family  members and friends as a form of folk medicine for everyday ailments,  but there are professional practitioners, too.  It is often    practiced by blind people,  whose developed sense of touch assists them  in locating points. 

In the East, acupressure is often given routinely as a preventative  measure against disease.  In Japan, for instance, the local version of acupressure, Shiatsu (meaning “finger pressure”) is often offered by large firms to their employees in order to reduce stress and minimize absenteeism.  Shiatsu massage can be used in the  Western World also in the same way.  Shiatsu treatments produce a sense of well-being and relaxation, resulting from a balanced flow of  energy.

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